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- Getting started

- Creating new module

- Creating new plugin


- Creating custom loader

- Creating desktop app

Instant Games

- Adding ads to your Instant Game

- Exporting to Instant Games


- Exporting to iOS and Android

- Exporting to Android TV

Video Tutorials

1. Beginner

1.1. Getting started

Get started with Panda 2. Create new project, load assets and make your first class and sprite.

Watch videoDownload videoLength: 2:23

1.2. Game configuration

Learn how to setup your game. Change game size, scaling, centering etc.

Watch videoDownload videoLength: 2:48

1.3. Building Endless Runner game (Part 1)

Build new game from scratch. Learn basic techniques like physics, collisions, animations and timers.

Watch videoDownload videoDownload projectLength: 11:28

1.4. Building Endless Runner game (Part 2)

Take your game further with more advanced techniques like tweens, sounds and particles.

Watch videoDownload videoDownload projectLength: 10:50

1.5. User interface

Learn basics of the Panda 2 user interface.

Watch videoDownload videoLength: 4:37