Panda Plugins

Add more features to your games with plugins.

Mobile Ads

Add advertising to your native Android and iOS game. Includes banner, interstitial and rewarded video ad.

DocumentationDownload pluginVersion: 1.0.0


Includes essential elements needed in most games. Buttons, animated text etc.

Show previewDocumentationDownload pluginVersion: 1.3.0

Instant Games

Make your games playable on Facebook Instant Games platform.

DocumentationDownload pluginVersion: 1.3.3


Enable Spine 2D skeletal animations.

Show previewDocumentationDownload pluginVersion: 1.3.3


Enable advanced 3D physics with Cannon.js.

Show previewDownload pluginVersion: 1.0.0


Enable 3D rendering using Three.js combined with your 2D scene.

Show previewDocumentationDownload pluginVersion: 1.4.0


Use tile maps generated with free Tiled Map Editor. Supports orthogonal and isometric maps.

Show previewDocumentationDownload pluginVersion: 1.2.0


Control your games with gamepad controllers using Gamepad API.

Show previewDownload pluginVersion: 1.0.1


Enable advanced physics with p2.js including collision detection, contacts, friction, restitution, motors, springs, advanced constraints and various shape types.

Show previewDocumentationDownload pluginVersion: 1.2.1


Enable fast WebGL rendering with PixiJS and create stunning special effects using filters.

Show previewDocumentationDownload pluginVersion: 1.2.4


To install plugin, first open your project in Panda 2 and then just drag and drop the plugin JavaScript file to your project. You can also manually copy the file to game/plugin folder inside your project source folder. After the plugin is installed, require it's module on your game module. Then save and restart. Example:

.body(function() {


Most plugins include example project, that you can open in Panda 2 and see how the plugin works.